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tv   Charlie Rose  FOX  June 26, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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[ male announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ "america's supernanny: family lockdown" co-host deborah tillman. >> parents need to give positive words to their children to be uplifted. >> and revealing three simple solutions to the most common problems every family faces. and from "american horror story: asylum", actress sarah paulson is here. and caught on tape. a wrestler gets pinned to the matt by a crashing light. high chair hijinx a mom gets stuck in her son's high chair. and the ipod and then the ipad get ready for the i potty?
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today on "anderson live." [applause] [cheering] [♪] >> anderson: hey everyone, look who it is, deborah tillman, from "america's supernanny: family lockdown" is my co-host today. glad you are here. i feel like i will be well-behaved. >> you better be or the calm down corner is right over there. >> anderson: you have a calm down corner? >> i do, even for my husband. >> anderson: deborah is helping blended families struggling with the three out-of-control kids
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and the kids are out of control. she has three solutions to problems all parents face. and actress sarah paulson is stopping by to talk about her trip to the golden globes and "american horror story: asylum". do you watch? >> i don't. >> anderson: it's scary. it's well done. sarah is on that show and she is funny. she has a funny hidden talent she will reveal that. as you were flying here, you were flying on the day of the inauguration, what happened to you? >> i was in j.f.k. and a girl looks at me and drops her coffee. like, the first lady. and i'm like, the first lady is right there running down pennsylvania avenue waving at the world. >> anderson: she thought you were michelle obama? >> she thought i was michelle obama. i was like thank you for that you are wet now and you need to get cleaned up. i get that a lot. at least twice a day.
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>> anderson: people think are you michelle obama? >> it's the hair or the walk. >> anderson: you got to get bangs now. [applause] >> i love it. >> anderson: wow. crazy. do you have a lot of security with you? because i mean... >> no, if you are at target, maybe, i would say ok. she shops here. maybe. but really on a delta airlines commercial flight? i don't think so. >> anderson: not going to happen. i saw -- you were flying during the inauguration? >> i was. i saw it you know later on in the hotel. >> anderson: that is good. >> i was up with you. >> anderson: good. i'm freezing cold. i spent the whole day wrapped in a snugy broadcasting because we were outside. so we have a video i don't know if you saw this in the news there was a wrestling match in south dakota. and take a look what happened. things are going normally at
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first. and then... boom. look at that. a huge light fell on the guy. first of all it was dark to begin with and the one light fell on this kid. >> gosh. >> anderson: i know. >> no warning. >> anderson: he is ok he tweeted a picture -- he tweeted a picture of his forehead he got cuts on his forehead but he is doing fine. the other picture was funny this is in scotland, a mom and her friend were hanging out. you would not approve of this. i think the kids were being taken care of allegedly in this article that i read. but the mom and her friend had polished off two bottles of wine. and somehow the mother ended up stuck in the baby's high chair. [laughter] look at this picture. [laughter] >> oh, my goodness! [applause]
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what in the world? >> anderson: and also look at this. >> a cigarette. >> anderson: i don't know if she was smoking when she got stuck or later? but... that is crazy. >> yes. [applause] >> anderson: and they had to call like the fire department, the fire department came and to get her out. of the high chair. >> don't want to model that behavior. that is not good. >> anderson: i know when one is drunk you come up with stupid ideas but that is a bad one. there is also a viral video that is funny. this is a solution that only a dad could come up with to save time. to make a pony tail for his daughter. i don't know if you have seen this but take a look. it happens quickly. [laughter]
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>> anderson: i love that. [applause] >> anderson: i love it. >> i love it. and he gets it. yeah, he has that down to a science. >> anderson: she is so used to it. i mean, first of all, how much time does that really save? does that really save that much time? >> oh, my gosh. no he is creative. >> anderson: this is going to be like an informercial somebody is going to make this into a product. >> don't try that at ohm. >> anderson: and two cats fighting over a bowl of food. take a look at this. [laughter]
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[♪] >> anderson: i love this. >> i like that, anderson. >> anderson: i don't know who the people are. if anybody can find out who the people are we made two "anderson live" cat bowls for them. >> i love it. [applause] they are taking turns. use that as a technique next time. >> anderson: i heard you have a hidden talent. is it true that you tap dance? >> i do. why tap dance? >> well, my mom and my father put us in dancing school when i was very young. >> anderson: i don't get tap dancing. >> you don't? >> anderson: i don't see the point of it. >> it's wonderful the sounds and then you get to move your feet and it helps you with exercising. >> anderson: it seems like a weird thing to learn. >> see now i got to teach you one day. >> anderson: i feel like
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everybody knows how to tap dance. look, i feel like -- >> what do you know how to do? >> anderson: i feel like it's just like. isn't that it? >> there is an audience member who can tap. >> who knows how to tap? you do? [applause] >> we have an audience member who knows how to tap. >> do the shuffle step. [applause] >> anderson: all right. [applause] >> anderson: i just feel like of all the things tap dancing doesn't seem like it would lead anywhere. >> it is a lot of fun and gregory heinz and you would not ask sammy davis jr. that. >> anderson: when you on your show you go and you live with these families for like a week? >> i do.
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>> anderson: that has to be -- that is my worst nightmare. to me, no, i mean, i like kids and stuff but being plunked into somebody's family and not go back to a hotel room and sleep it's like being in the worst bed and breakfast imaginable. because you don't get your own room. where do you sleep? >> i sleep on a big blowup bed that they blowup for me. but believe it or not -- >> anderson: an air mattress? >> and i have nice pillows and sheets. and yeah, i do it every single night. the bad thing about it is that i get no sleep because i cannot sleep in other people's homes. so they are lovely homes but i wake up the next day and like ok let's fix deborah's face. >> anderson: and are you in their drama. >> i am in their stuff but it helps them because the children if they wake up i'm there to coach and inspire and motivate the parents. >> anderson: wow. i could not do it.
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>> that is why we have different callings. this is mine. i love it. >> anderson: i don't know that this is a calling. >> what is your calling? >> anderson: i don't know. i need a calling. we have to take a quick break and we will have more of the "first 15" coming up. a new gadget for kids to use in the bathrooms. is it genius or just plain gross? [applause] [cheering] [♪] a family in crisis. dealing with three out-of-control kids who refuse to be disciplined. and can the supernanny put an end to the chaos. >> the amount of things they allow their children to getaway with baffles me. >> anderson: and the top three solutions to the three biggest problems every family faces. and sarah paulson stops by and shows off her funny unusual talent. >> it's random and weird and makes no sensech a skill that has no purpose. >> on the next "anderson live" a special hid den camera
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investigation. we are exposing the top three tricks stores use to trap shoppers into spending more and the number one way to protect yourself. then from the hit showgirls, allison williams is here opening up about watching her sex scenes with her father. and stacy london is back as my co-host. >> awesome. >> on the next "anderson live"
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[applause] >> anderson: welcome back. here with co-host deborah tillman from "america's supernanny: family lockdown". we are getting a lot of tweets with questions. my second grade seven-year-old acts selfish how do i teach him not to be selfish. >> i wonder if mom is selfish. >> anderson: wow. you go there. wow. >> yeah. >> anderson: so you think kids model.
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>> they do they model the behavior of their parents. lead by example. >> anderson: aren't people naturally selfish? >> not necessarily. they can be taught how to share and take turns. share, i say take turns like the cats take turns they are copycats they don't want two bowls. they want to have the same thing somebody else has. and so what i tell parents is that if you are not modeling sharing and taking turns with your husband or can i have that last bit of cake and then, no. then the kids are watching you. so they don't want to share. >> anderson: here is another one. how do i get my five-year-old girl to help around the house? what are good jobs for her to do? >> a five-year-old can do anything. they can help with the laundry, we can fold together. >> anderson: can they drive? >> no, they cannot drive. no. cannot drive. so they have to make it funment can you get kids to do anything if you are excited about it. make it exciting.
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you would think that doing chores is the best thing ever. i'm like come on let's go do chores and the kids are like ok. they don't know what they are doing. before you know it we have the house clean. >> anderson: wow. get them working in factories at five. >> no. >> anderson: that is not allowed. >> no. >> anderson: there is a crazy thing in australia there is a three-year-old boy, this sounds nuts to me, who is working aas an animal handler wrestling alligators and handling boa constricttors. and his family own and operate a wildlife park and is learning respect for the animals. that doesn't look like -- >> look at his face. >> anderson: do you approve? >> no, i do not approve of that and i get it that he was raised around them but he is a three-year-oldment and three-year-olds have to be protected. look there is no head gear no garb on him. >> anderson: i don't think an
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alligators needs to be wrestled. i think an aligator is supposed to be in the pond. >> but the boy is not. >> anderson: i'm not sure he doesn't look happy. there is also new gadget we saw that i wondered if you would use. it's called the i potty. and it's to train kids to be -- to potty train but basically you put an ipod, the gross thing is that the ipod has a splash guard over it. i know. >> say it isn't so! what else are people going to come up with? >> anderson: do you think this is a good idea? >> no, totally not. everytime they wanted to play that game they would be wondering weather where is the potty. confusing for kids. >> anderson: everytime they get on the ipad they poop? >> they think of potty. however you train kids however
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you start is how it's going to end up. >> that will not end well at 40 with the ipad. i don't like that idea. that will be on sale amazon $40 in march. i thought it seemed like a good idea. you don't want them sitting on the potty longer? >> it's lazy parenting. we are getting away from teaching children how to go to the potty. back in the day you go to the potty and you come out. why are we putting gadgets on the potty? no. no. don't do it. >> anderson: i thought it seemed like a good idea. >> i wish she could live with you for a week. it would be amazing to watch you with him. all the things he needs to learn. sharing... >> anderson: you would get my life in order. >> anderson: i share. i share. >> you are not. >> that is not true. >> you are very, very thoughtful you share a lot. >> anderson: you're fired. [laughter]
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[applause] >> if i didn't have so much botox you would see that i'm upset about that. >> anderson: we saw this whacky product this is called we know about the snuggies and this is called a goody hoody. and it is a blanket that fits like a sweatshirt. kim is wearing it in the sweatshirt form. i will -- now, as a sweatshirt, it's not the most form-fitting thing. no. but reveal its blanketness. >> all you do is you shimmy it down and suddenly -- [applause] >> anderson: ok. [laughter] wow. so it's both a blanket and a hoody. >> yes, it has a space for your
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feet here. >> anderson: so you can sit up and your feet would be warm. [laughter] >> i like it. i like it. i like it. i like the red one. >> anderson: you look like a jedi knight. obi or something. i don't know. i am not sure as a hoody it makes that much sense. do you really want to walk around with like -- >> i think it's best if are you are stationary but if you need to walk the dogs. >> anderson: that looks comfortable laying there. that will be available on as seen on tv for $49.95. i think that is a decent deal for a blanket and a hoody. thank you, kim. coming up deborah will put her powers to the test a family desperately needs help with three out-of-control kids. we will be right back.
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[applause] >> still ahead are your kids out of control? we are revealing the top three solutions to the biggest problems every parent faces. >> want to teach them what the rules are ahead of time so they are clear that we have rules and that if i break a rule this is the thing is bee, i got my mom wrapped around my little finger. do you? yeah, i do. huh. i said i want honey nut cheerios uh huh. and she just totally caved. it's all about psychology buzz. psychology? as long as i don't tell him the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough.
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sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy. surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪
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we don't have a ten stepa ha. filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. [applause] >> anderson: welcome back. back with co-host deborah
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tillman from "america's supernanny: family lockdown". deborah's expertise is helping parents who are overwhelmed and are at a loss what to do when it comes to disciplining their kids. our next guest wrote in desperate for her help. their blended family is spring out of control. and a lot of families feel like that. take a look. >> my husband jerry and i have a blended family. he brought his son alex who is 9 and i brought my daughter jade who is 6 and together we have luke who is 4. the house is just out of control. ahhhhhh. >> we need help here. >> my parenting style is more contain the chaos. >> not hitting people. >> my parenting style is my way or the highway. >> pick up. >> allex is pure energy. alex? jade is the diva. everything is just attitude.
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luke, he is more of a follower. the most codependent so he is trying to get them to get along. i feel like i've become background noise because they do not listen to me at all. >> when the kids talkback to me, i scream. pick up your miss. it's your last chance. >> he is a dictator. we will end up fighting after the kids act up. he doesn't like it when i second-guess him in front of the kids. >> it is affecting our marriage a lot of fighting going on. >> i resent him my fear is that our family will be spilt apart because of all the fighting. >> anderson: welcome jerry and nicole. thank you for being here. [applause] i got to say i'm exhausted watching that. describe the feeling because a lot of parents feel like they
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don't have control over their home. >> it's just, i feel like they are running our house instead of me. it's just overwhelming. i don't have a voice in my own house. i'm background noise. >> anderson: deborah i saw you shaking your head. >> goodness it looks like all of the houses i go into. the bottom line for you two it seems from looking at the tape that are you not on the same page. >> anderson: do you feel like are you on the same page? >> not at all. >> it's your way or no way. i don't know how great that is for children. not really good that is why you are getting the results you are getting and you are like i'm trying to control it but nobody has anything in place many i will give you some advice. get it together. >> anderson: nicole is it harder for you to discipline your step kids? >> i actually find it easier to discipline alex just because when i tell him to do something,
11:27 am
i guess i don't feel bad about t i will tell alex go to your room. okay. he will go. and then he will whine but i will be like too bad you did something bad. >> anderson: but disciplining your own child? >> when they start whining and crying i feel bad ok, come on. and i shouldn't be doing that. >> you already know you are setting up the bad behavior because you are giving in to the negativity. >> anderson: and what kind of an impact does this have on your marriage? >> it's very stressful. >> and you argue a lot? >> all the time. >> and most of the time in front of the kids. he will be disciplining them and yelling and i will be what are you doing and they see us going back and forth and they have no stable parents. >> anderson: and deborah that goes to kids modeling behavior. >> modeling the behavior. and kids are like mirrors of you, two. just like you said all you do is
11:28 am
yell. that is what they are doing now. they are yelling at each other and kicking each other because that is what they see you two do. >> anderson: what is the biggest problem? >> again, not being on the same page is number one. you two have got to get on the same page in terms of discipline. figure out what you want to do with these kids when they break the rules. the first thing is you have to have house rules. are there rules? >> there are but they are like loose rules. >> lose doesn't get it. >> anderson: house rules three things that you would want all parents to do to try. number one is house rules. >> number one is house rules. you have to put rules in place so the children knows what is to be expected. the first thing is use gentle touches. kind words. keep your feet on the floor those are rules that kids can understand. >> anderson: gentle touches? >> gentle touches means this. this is a gentle touch. hitting me is not a gentle
11:29 am
touch. they get one warning and you deal with the discipline but you want to teach them what the rules are ahead of time so that they are clear that we have rules and that if i break a rule, this is what is going to happen. >> anderson: and the second change? >> right. the second change i would do for you two because your marriage is at stake you want to make sure that you are communicating. it's hard to have a blended family. we know the challenges. and you guys in terms of statistics, blended families end up in divorce rates. and we don't want that for you. and so you have to communicate. we have here a communication board. can you see it? >> yes. >> the communication board -- >> anderson: i don't know what i'm talking about. >> had this is the communication board and has your children. alex, jade and luke. say you are home with the kids most of the time. what you would do -- >> anderson: are you on different schedules. >> yes. right. >> so you are there with the children and it's hard for you two to communicate as to how the
11:30 am
day was. so here is the communication board f alex doesn't do his homework he gets a warning and then a consequence. you would put alex no tv because de not do his homework. write it down on the boardment and say alex does something great where he spoke kind words. that would be here as well. we want to go with the praise and the possible activity as well. and when you come home. you can come and look at the board. >> anderson: we have to take a break and deborah will reveal the third change to take back your household. and how to handle temper tantrums in public. we will be right back. [applause] [cheering] [♪] sarah paulson from "american horror story: asylum" is here. opening up about her recent trip to the golden globes and her guilty pleasure. >> which sounds weird. >> anderson: no, delicious.
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>> look at that it is ♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ]
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♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪
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this! [ female announcer ] introducing the new egg white delight mcmuffin. freshly grilled egg whites and creamy white cheddar. also available on any of your breakfast favorites. it's another new way... mm! that's good. [ female announcer ] love mcdonald's. ♪ [applause] >> anderson: welcome back here with co-host deborah tillman, "america's supernanny: family lockdown". she is helping nicole and jerry and their kids alex, jade and
11:34 am
luke are here with them. you look so nice and dressed up. we have a question. >> i am a nanty and what do you do with a child that having a temper tantrum in public in a store. >> what i want to say to all parents is don't give in to the temper tantrum. i know it's embarrassing but if you give the child what they want and they fallout then they are trained to fallout. what you need to do as the nanny is to make sure are you on the same page with the parents. do the parents have rules? do they have a certain plan that they have when their children go out? if they do, you want to follow the same things the parents are doing. and make sure there are choices and consequences and you are following through with the punishment. >> anderson: good luck. so you talked about the two things you have what is your third piece of advice? >> what i'm find something most families is that parents are not
11:35 am
consistent. you are throwing out idle threats to the kids i will do this if you don't stop doing that and you are like i'm giving up. what you want to do is make sure that again you follow through with whatever the consequence is. and so for this little one, luke, who is how old? four years old. you would get the calm down corner little one. and then for jade she is six years old she would get the calm down corner and alex who is 9, you would lose what you like. do you like anything? do you have gadgets, do you watch tv? >> yes. yes. ok. tv time would be taken away. [laughter] >> anderson: that is nice. find out what he likes and take it away. >> and take it away. >> anderson: i would have been like i like doing homework. >> he didn't think that quick. you already know. all right. once you have the rule and the consequence then make sure if they break the rule, that you follow through with the
11:36 am
consequence. because then kids don't get confused and take you for a joke. like she is not going to do it anyway. so i don't have to listen. follow through. >> anderson: do you think this is advice you can use? >> yeah. one thing that makes it difficult is being they live at our house for a week and a different parent's house for a week. if they do something bad on a friday and if they go to the other house how do we follow through. >> are they at your house friday. >> that is the last day they are there. >> if they do something at your house they get the consequence at your house. that is it. when they go away you cannot control thatment you can only control what is happening in your house and in your house the rules work. like kids are in school where they act a certain way in school and they come home it's because the school is structured and it has rules. >> anderson: whatever the rules are at the other house in your house your rules are your rules. >> that is the only ones we are
11:37 am
concerned about. >> anderson: good luck and let us know what happens? appreciate it. nicole and jerry we hope it works out for them. more of deborah's tips go to and golden globe-nominated actress sarah paulson is here. she is very funny and talented and she has a hidden talent we are going to show off. we will be right back. [applause] [cheering] [♪]
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considerations for "anderson live" provided by... [applause] >> anderson: welcome back. my next guest is actress and stars in the hit show "american horror story: asylum" which is very, very scary.
11:41 am
she plays a 1960s small town reporter held captive in a mental asylum and survives to write about the shocking ordeal. take a look. >> the way capote did. i have a perspective on the stunted male psyche that no one else has. i lived it. >> you swore you were going to take down brighter cliff and expose it to the world. you promised jude you would be a reporter. not a cheap celebrity. >> things change. people change. [applause] >> anderson: welcome sarah paulson. [applause] [cheering] [♪] >> anderson: wow. wow. can i open it? >> yes. they are open. >> anderson: milk chocolate covered potato chips.
11:42 am
>> they sound weird. >> anderson: it sounds delicious. it's the salt and sweet thing. >> look at that sucker it is a big guy. >> anderson: these are great. they are good for a minute and after four you will not feel excited about it. i will feel disgusted? >> that is too much of a good thing. >> anderson: i will feel shameful. >> how i like to feel. >> anderson: when i see movies i get the popcorn and my goobers and i mix them at the same time. >> i dunk the milk duds. >> i don't like the dumping because they fall to the bottom. >> you don't like the dumping? >> anderson: no, i don't. i am a wasp, no. i like to mix in the mouth not in the handsism me, too. who doesn't like to mix in the mouth. >> anderson: exactly. so you went to the golden globes you were nominated, congratulations. >> i was, thank you. [applause] >> anderson: beautiful. >> i lost. i lost big time.
11:43 am
>> anderson: it's about being nominated. >> and i realized there were more loser in the room than winners. >> anderson: did you call them losers? >> i d i wanted to let them know they were losers just as i was a loserment and i chased lewis around and asked him if he would marry me which was awkward because he is like i don't know you. i'm like marriages have been built on less. >> anderson: is the golden globes as fun as it looks for the people there? >> it's the most fun show because they do not feed you and ply you with a lot of alcohol. they put chocolates on the table and sandwiches like the definition of a finger sandwich. it's smaller than a finger. there's nothing you can do you drink a lot and people make speeches and you are like what is going on? called drunk. >> anderson: i sense everybody is drunk there. you did a great job in game
11:44 am
change. a peered because of an interview i did was used and they superimposed -- >> you were great. >> anderson: it was a 60 minutes interview. but i feel like we starred together in the film. i was excited. i didn't know they were going to do that and i tuned in to watch game change and the first scene is me interviewing. >> i know, i saw the movie. >> anderson: i got excited. >> you should be. >> anderson: and you had the fl >> i did. >> anderson: which is why i did not embrace you. i usually hug but then i noticed there were lemon drops on table and i heard you had the flu. i am obsessed with not getting the flu. >> i did have it. >> anderson: how long ago did you have it? >> it was yesterday. no. no. i tweeted that picture at the doctor waiting to find out what was wrong with me and i had a 106 fever. that is bad. and i went on the z pack and i
11:45 am
got better. >> anderson: how long did it last for? >> i was really sick for over a week. >> anderson: i feel like i have flu spores inside me that are waiting to. i know they are not spores but are waiting to explode right now. >> they are dormant. ready for the moment to go crazy. >> anderson: "american horror story: asylum" is really good. i don't like scary things because i get scared easily but my friend mark is on as well and are you so good. >> thank you so much. >> anderson: is it as fun to shoot? it looks creepy? >> it's fun to shoot but it's hard to shoot. it's depressing subject matter sometimes. and a lost things happened to my character where were dark so it was hard. >> anderson: and you are working with jessica lang. and one of the greatest actresses and people. and you are in fairhaven. >> i am. incredible actor and married so that is annoying.
11:46 am
i find that irritating. >> anderson: this is a recurring theme. >> i'm single. unless i got takers in the audience you let me know. what are you doing later? >> anderson: yeah, what i'm doing is batting for the wrong team is what i'm doing. but you also do impressions. >> i do. >> anderson: like you do amazing impressions. >> i do impressions, i do. >> anderson: like weird like holly hunter. >> this is how she talks like hey anderson it's great to be here, i love it being here. [applause] >> anderson: i hear you do a dolphin? >> i do. [applause] [laughter] >> anderson: that is good. how did you learn the dolphin? >> i don't think that story is appropriate for television. it is a story -- i will tell you when we are not rolling. >> anderson: that will be the after dark version. sarah thank you for being here.
11:47 am
[applause] you can watch the finale of "american horror story: asylum" tonight at 10:0 at 10. we will be right back with the "final 5." goodnight.
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>> what i am anoticing about andrew it doesn't take him a long amount of time to get to angry and aggressive. the fact that the parents are allowing this to happen is amazing to me. >> anderson: wow. a clip from "america's supernanny: family lockdown". what do you do in a case like that? >> well, obviously he got punished in terms of the consequences. and then the parents i was on the parents that episode. that was a new york family. and you know, the amount of things that they allowed their children to getaway with without doing anything baffled mement i had to tell the parents if you want this behavior then you don't do anything. and then there's no sense in me being here but if you want them to change you have to change
11:51 am
first. >> anderson: to stop a kid from hitting the parent? >> it was underlining reason. the kid was angry but he got angry too quick and when that happens it is an psychological issue that is happening. the father called the baby names. he called him names and he was angry and lashing out. i don't like when he calls me names this is how i will get him back. when you figure out the root then you can stop the issue. >> anderson: wow. you must get exhausted. >> oh, yeah. i am exhausted when i leave their hopefully it doesn't show on camera, but yeah i'm exhausted. and i have a secret. that is no longer a secret now, anderson. i use preparation h because i sleep -- >> anderson: on what? >> on my eyes. >> anderson: i've heard of people doing this. >> everybody you've heard of it, right? i'm so puffy in the morning because do i not sleep the houses are lovely but i cannot
11:52 am
sleep in other people's homes in the morning i dap on a little bit of preparation h. and you trust to know the swelling goes down. good tip ladies and gentlemen. >> anderson: i don't know. not sure. we got social media questions for you. this one is a viewer e-mail. i am a stay-at-home mom and my 23-month-old son is physically advanced climbs everything and moves furniture and is off the wall. it's gotten to the point that i'm taking pictures now. wow. looks like a monkey. climbing everything. to show my husband the destruction that is caused during the day. how can i get them to stop? >> first of all, she needs to find an area where this baby can burn off steam. two-year-olds that is what they do. they like to climb they are exploring their environment. this is what they do. so she doesn't want her house
11:53 am
wrecked she needs to have an outside climbing gym and something to burn off steam outside with the baby. they burn off steam outside and when he comes inside she needs to create an area where if you are going to jump and climb you can do it here but can you not do it here. >> anderson: it can be inside as well? >> yes, most of the times it is inside. so, yes, it is inside that she needs to create an area that is safe that he can get those motor skills going and explore that way. one thing she doesn't want to do is say no. once parents say no, the kid doesn't know what you are saying no to. no i cannot climb? why not? and she needs to redirect him on nice furniture that can be unsafe then redirect him to where he can jump. >> anderson: and how do i get my kid to start talking and not yelling all the time? >> is she yelling all the time. look in the mirror before you ask me questions look in the
11:54 am
mirror and tell me what you are doing. are you yelling? are you screaming to the touch your lungs at your spouse? that is where the kids are getting it from. you have to look at yourself first to change the behavior of kids. >> anderson: how do you tame the attitude of a tween girl? >> you can't. you can't. >> anderson: that is what scares me about having kids they are nice for much of their life and then they become a teenager and they team like a nightmare. >> teenager years, i was getting ready to write a book when my child was a teenager how not to kill a teenager. really. he was just he went from one developmental stage to another one and i was like this kid is from mars. and that is across the board. i always say from 0-10 you teach them talk to them and train them. and from the tweens teenage years, you got to listen to them, you have to learn them all over again and love them through their mistakes. >> anderson: that is good. learn them all over again.
11:55 am
>> the hormones are kicking in. >> anderson: and hopefully if they make it to their 20s they are going to apologize. >> no, they don't. >> anderson: they don't apologize? >> they apologize when they grow up and have kids then they say thank you. >> anderson: we will be right back. [applause] [♪]
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[applause] >> anderson: welcome back. it was fun to have you co-host. catch deborah tillman on "america's supernanny: family lockdown". and tomorrow rosie perez will be my co-host and from "spartacus: vengeance", liam mcintyre will be stopping by. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. bye-bye. [applause]
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cheers and celebrations in san francisco as the supreme court clears the way for same- sex marriages in california. we have live team coverage. and the results from b.a.r.t. workers are in. how likely is the strike for the transit agency. plus, hot weather coming our way -- at noon.
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[ cheers ] an historic day for marriage equally as the u.s. supreme court issues a landmark defense on the defense of marriage act and also clears the way for same-sex marriages in california. we have team coverage of this pivotal moment in


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